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In Memoriam

This page is dedicated to Rosenberg Mice who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Anything we can say will never be enough.. it will never scratch the surface of just what these animals meant to us. We can only do our best to ensure that at the very least, they are not forgotten, regardless of who they were. They dersere more, but a mouse's life is a short and hard one. That is something we have learned. However, the silver lining is that those who remain are appreciated all the more with every passing day.. because you learn to make the most of everyone while they are here. For others who have similarly short-lived companions, cherish them. But don't be discouraged, every loss means that every new gain will mean more and more, and when their time eventually comes, you can be satisfied that you made the most of every moment possible.

So for our friends, thank you for everything you gave us, and for sharing your lives with us.

We will miss them.

Tarma (08/99 - 20/1/00) ~ Mismarked Black Self girl

Feisty little fighter. One of a kind.

Talia (09/99 - 20/1/00) ~ mismarked tiger girl

Shy with people, but loved her cage-mates.

Kira (29/9/99 - 20/1/00) ~ longhair black sable girl

Sweet and lovely with both people and other mice. Truly her mother's daughter.

Harrington's Lenore (30/9/99 - 20/1/00) ~ longhair white/beige pied girl

She simply was. I loved her much.

Harrington's Jadzia (30/10/99 - 20/1/00) ~ black tan girl

Will never be replaced.

Rosenberg's Pan (3/4/00 - 22/5/00) ~ longhair mismarked tiger boy

My baby. I'll miss you, sweetie.

Harrington's Lendel (2/4/00 - 24/6/00) ~ longhair mismarked chocolate tan boy

I had no idea. I'm so sorry little man.

Little Wakko (4/6/00 - 24/6/00) ~ siamese fox boy

Fought and fought, but it wasn't meant to be.

Kai (18/7/99 - 10/11/00) ~ black and white marked boy

The first mouse. It was a pleasure to know you, a pleasure to have you in my life. We went through much in your short life, and you were there always. You are a special boy and I will never forget you.

Bellerophon (4/00 - 10/11/00) ~ longhair lilac roan bicolour girl

You were feisty and mean, and you pissed me off at times. You could be the sweetest little girl with me, however, and for that you will be remembered. You were beautiful and I'll miss you.

Harrington's Kudos ~texel pew boy

Such a sweet little boy. For the short time you were with us, we loved you a lifetime's worth.

Rosenberg's Amburlin (15/07/00 - 06/02/01) ~ longhair tiger tan marked girl

You were special to a lot of people. The day you came back to us was a very happy one indeed, and the day you left us forever, a very sad one. Such a pretty girl with a lovely temper, you will be remembered always.

Keisha (02/09/99 - 06/03/01) ~ black and white pied girl

What can I say that hasn't already been said? Your life was full, your affections were unconditional, you went through the toughest of times and emerged ever the champion. You may never have known how special you were, but I did. You had strength and character that was unmatched, and your legacy will live through your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I will miss you more than you could comprehend.

Hassar (unknown - 16/03/01) ~ black eyed white manx boy

You were tough, you were brave and you never gave up. The end was kinder than most of your short life. I hope I gave you some small happiness and peace, you certainly gave plenty to me.

Harrington's Amber (01/04/00 - 16/03/01) ~ tiger marked girl

Such a tragic loss to us all. We will mourn, always.

Yuki (unknown - 23/03/01) ~ grey roan marked boy

Such a tough little battler. You defied all the odds and even at the end refused to admit defeat. You give hope to all of us who ever go through bad times. So many people loved you, we will miss you our little Yuki-Bear.

Rosenberg's Tobin (03/04/00 - 27/03/01) ~ longhair black roan berkshire boy

From the day you were born, I knew you were special. Those tumultuous beginnings paved the way for the mouse you became - so loving and cherished, a beautiful boy who won both awards and hearts. Six more days and you would have been a year old, darlin'. But as your brothers reach their milestone, I will not forget you. I will look for you at the bridge, baby.

Garak (04/06/00 - 17/04/01) ~ seal point siamese boy

Never has an animal been more deserving of love and affection as you. You came into this world with nearly a zero chance at life, but you beat those odds where your siblings failed. You gave me so much joy. I tried to reciprocate. I will miss you always.

Gypsy (23/03/00 - 02/05/01) ~ longhair black pied girl

First time I saw you, I fell in love. So soft, so beautiful. Always so active, so full of life. You were coming along so well, and then this... life isn't fair. You were very special to me and I will never forget you.

Lyekka (06/00 - 07/06/01) ~ fawn pied girl

I remember so many things about you. Pretty girl, Emmy's bud and such a sweetie once you came around. I hope your life was a happy one.

Moet (18/12/99 - 15/06/01) ~ champagne self girl

Moet. No words can describe your specialness. You won awards, you won hearts, you won a place in history with everyone who knew you. You have a legacy to leave, and a plethora of family. It will take much for an animal to live up to your standard. Mouse of the Year.. mouse of my heart. I will never forget you sweetie. You will be part of me forever.

Loki (08/00 - 22/06/01) ~ black roan berkshire boy

You were one of those special animals. You needed the most help, craved the most attention and always seemed to be the one to get it. I nursed you through a lot, little one, and we got to know each other very well. You were a favourite of those poor abandoned souls, and I will never forget you.

Dozer (07/00 - 25/06/01) ~ longhair black eyed gold boy

I tried to give you a good life. You were so cute, and so sweet. I hope now you have peace, little man. You deserve it.

SilverBlade (01/01/00 - 14/07/01) ~ shorthair silver argente girl

Emony (20/12/99 - 21/07/01) ~ longhair grey roan marked girl

Ariella (07/00 - 29/08/01) ~ agouti rex girl

B'Etor (12/06/00 - 03/08/01) ~ chocolate texel girl

Rosenberg's Concordia (03/01/01 - 10/08/01) ~ longhair tiger m-m berkshire girl

Rosenberg's Magellan (08/08/00 - 10/08/01) ~ shorthair pink-eyed gold boy

Rosenberg's Phillippe (03/01/01 - 17/08/01) ~ longhair black roan m-m berskshire boy

Rosenberg's Romulus (12/06/00 - 17/08/01) ~ shorthair black-eyed fawn boy

Rosenberg's Arafel (15/07/00 - 17/08/01) ~ longhair black-eyed white boy

You all deserve your own page, site, universe. So many, so rapidly. Things will never be the same, and I fear that it is not yet over for us here.
Blade, who got me through the best and worst with her spark and character. Peace-keeper and perfect mother. Emony, who left an impression on all who met her. Circular Girl, you brought me such joy and will never be replaced. Ariella, your life was hard, but I hope I gave you some happiness. B'Etor, you were my beautiful girl. Such a tragic waste of potential and life. Concordia, you were my baby. So sweet, you reminded me so much of Amber and I will miss you always. Phillippe, feisty little man, Concordia's brother.. you caused me a lot of grief during your short life.. but I would rather that than the deep, aching grief your death has brought. You followed your sister to the bridge, keep her company while you wait for me. Romulus, so many memories. You and your twin brother Remus, so unalike you were, and yet much the same. At the end you fought and you hung on for another hour, another day, and amazed us all. An unconquerable spirit, a true companion. Arafel, in the end it wasn't meant to be, but I think (and hope) that you led a full and happy life. You always had time for me, and I tried my best to reciprocate. Your brothers will miss you, as will I.

Magellan... Never have I mourned a loss so much as you. Perhaps because we were so close at the end, and I lived my life at that point completely around you. Life is rarely fair, as we discovered, but you taught me that the most important thing is to never give up the fight. You lived perhaps longer than you were meant to, and we paid for our arrogance, but I had to try. Of everything that has happened recently here, and the shocking state my heart and soul are in... I was a mess before anything happened to you. When you survived the surgery and seemed to be recovering, I was overjoyed and honestly believed you would make it.. I don't apologise for my optimism or faith in your recouperative powers. I still believe we fought the good fight. And I applaud you for your courage and strength. When any one of us would have faltered, you hung on. You will inspire me forever, and your legacy will be forever enshrined in my heart, mind and for all who know me, they will know of you. I will never forget what we went through together, and to the others who helped us and took you into their hearts and lives, I bow graciously in appreciation for both of us. I loved you all your life, Magellan, and I will love you for as long as I live. I will be searching for you at the bridge.