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Boys 2

Because you can never have too many boys..

(please pay careful attention to sarcasm)

L-R: Garak (deceased - Agouti Pt Siamese Fox), Romulus (Chocolate Sable), Remus (Black Sable)

These sables really are sables, the photo doesn't show it well. I mean, they aren't very good sables, being that they are the A(vy) bad tiger/sable and not the true umbrous sable. Rom just looks red in this photos.

TADRITH (longhair red), TOBIN (Deceased - longhair black roan berkshire), TORIAS (longhair tiger) and CURZON (longhair black roan berkshire)

Aren't they cute? All sleepy

A good pic, shows the contrast in colours btw brothers Torias, Tobin and Curzon

Another good one (names on photo are clockwise from the front)

They are such good boys. Tobin climbs the wall, Tadrith looks at me, and the other two look for food