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Current Mice:

  Name D.O.B. Colour & Markings Sex
1 Nelson 01.07.99 Longhair Black Sable Male (d/s)
2 Rosenberg's Rimmer 16.02.00 Sable/W pied Male (d/s)
3 Rosenberg's Arnold 16.02.00 Self Pink-eyed W Male (d/s)
4 Rosenberg's Ace 16.02.00 B/W pied Male (d/s)
5 Rosenberg's Judas 16.02.00 B/W mismarked Berkshire Male (d/s)
6 Rosenberg's Orian 02.04.00 Longhair Chocolate/White pied Female
7 Rosenberg's Paragon 02.04.00 Chocolate Sable Female
9 Rosenberg's Torias 3 April 2000 m-m LH tiger berkshire Male (d/s)
10 Rosenberg's Tadrith 2 April 2000 LH DE fawn Male
11 Harrington's Kaled'a'in 24 April 2000 m-m Black Self Female
12 Harrington's Pandora 27 April 2000 Sable Female
13 Harrington's Daria 02 April, 2000 Choc Tan Female
14 Zelda May, 2000 Choc Tan Female
15 Mila 4 June 2000 Choc Pt Siamese Fox Female
16 Rosenberg's Remus 12 June 2000 Black Sable Male (d/s)
17 Rosenberg's Curzon 3 April 2000 LH Silvered Black (roan) Male (d/s)
18 Carawatha Lursa 12 June, 2000 Texel Champagne Marked Female
19 Rosenberg's Tristania 12 June, 2000 Chocolate Self Female
20 Carawatha Kendra 27 May, 2000 Texel Black Berkshire Female
21 Rosenberg's Gypsy 12 June, 2000 Gold Marked Female
22 Rosenberg's Heris 15 July, 2000 Beige Female
23 Rosenberg's Lafayette 15 July, 2000 LH Black/White marked Male (d/s)
24 Rosenberg's Tarma II 1 August, 2000 Silver self Female
25 Rosenberg's Subatoi 15 July, 2000 Choc Snow tiger Male
26 Harrington's Lukara NA yet LH Black-eyed white Female
27 Harrington's Taelar August, 2000 Manx Self black Female
28 Rosenberg's Lambert 5 August, 2000 LH Self Chocolate Male (d/s)
29 Rosenberg's Kira 5 August, 2000 LH Fawn Female
30 Harrington's Mischief   Texel Silver Self Male (d/s)
31 Harrington's Sirella   Golden Agouti Female
32 Harrington's Sherlock 29 July, 2000 LH Sable Male (d/s)
33 Rosenberg's Ferrous 15 July, 2000 SH Self fawn Female
34 Carawatha Parable   SH Manx Chocolate pied Female
35 Carawatha Elspeth   SH Black pied Female
36 Carawatha Althea   SH Black Sable Female
37 Carawatha Pilgrim   SH Manx Blue Agouti Female
38 Carawatha Aurora   LH Grey roan marked Female
39 Rosenberg's Ragamuffin 02 April, 2000 LH Beige marked Male
40 Carawatha Rattan   LH grey roan marked Male
42 Carawatha Stallone   Rex grey roan bicolour Male
43 Carawatha Vagrant   SH Manx Blue Agouti Male
44 Carawatha Tank   Rex Silver Self Male
45 Carawatha Asche   Rex Black Berkshire Female
46 Rosenberg's Diligent 03 Jan, 2001 LH black pied Female
47 Rosenberg's Ezri 03 Jan, 2001 LH Black Sable Female
48 Rosenberg's Forbes 03 Jan, 2001 LH Black pied Female
49 Rosenberg's Raifi 03 Jan, 2001 LH m-m Tiger marked Male
50 Rosenberg's Norvo 03 Jan, 2001 LH m-m Tiger marked Male
51 Rosenberg's Elvenpath 03 Jan, 2001 LH black berkshire Male
52 Rosenberg's Martino 03 Jan, 2001 LH m-m black berkshire Male
53 Carawatha Odette   SH 'Otter' self Female
54 Carawatha Capone   Rex Manx mm banded Dove Male
55 K'Ehleyr   SH mm tiger Female
56 Nina 27 May, 2001 SH mm tiger Female
57 Seven 17 June, 2001 SH pew Female
58 Pinky 6 May, 2001 SH pew Female
59 Madmardigan 27 May, 2001 SH pew Male
58 Locutus 17 June, 2001 SH mm tiger Male
59 Kirby 6 May, 2001 SH black sable Male
60 Mason 6 May, 2001 SH mm tiger Male
61 Morten 27 May, 2001 SH mm tiger Male
62 Veland 27 May, 2001 SH mm tiger Male
63 Rune 27 May, 2001 SH mm tiger Male
64 Nina 27 May, 2001 SH mm tiger Female
65 Valkris 27 May, 2001 SH pew Female
66 Valeris 27 May, 2001 SH pew Female
67 Saavik 27 May, 2001 SH mm tiger Female
68 Duke 18 July, 2001 SH mm tiger Male
69 Tarja 18 July, 2001 SH mm tiger Female
70 Vibeke 18 July, 2001 SH mm tiger Female
71 Diva 18 July, 2001 SH mm tiger Female
72 Angelika 18 July, 2001 SH mm tiger Female
73 Kaiju 30 July, 2001 SH black mm blazed Male
74 Jadzia 30 July, 2001 SH black tan Female
75 Tenebrea 27 July, 2001 SH lilac agouti Female
76  currently nursing      

Nelson: My main boy. He's sweet, and is almost everyone's dad. Carrying just about every gene under the sun, he's given me a diverse range of babies over the last year. Now he's been neutered, he can live out his retirement with the girls :-)

Tadrith: Moet and Nelson's son. Lost his longhair (it just grew out), so he wasn't a very good one. Very sweet boy, though. The apple of my eye. He's fathered some lovely bubs to both Orian and Paragon.

Orian: Moet and Nelson's daughter - Tadrith's sister. Very pretty girl. Took out 2nd in Most Attractive mouse at the Rosewood Show. Sweet girl, and excellent mum.

Paragon: Moet and Nelson's daughter - Tadrith and Orian's sister. Beautiful chocolate sable. Unfortunately she had an invisible kink in her tail at the Rosewood Show that I hadn't picked up, and got disqualified because of it. She's a great mum, though, and a lovely girl.

Rimmer, Arnold, Judas, Ace: The four mice of the apocalypse. These guys are all full brothers, sons of Nelson and Keisha (from their first litter). They are all also desexed. As a result, they live quite happily with the girls, and with other boys. They never fight, and are so lovely.

Torias, Curzon: Again, full brothers, but this time from Nelson and Emony (her one and only litter). Torias is a true pet, second only to Lafayette. He's a beautiful boy, and quite sweet. He and Tadrith have been living together since they were weaned, and are inseperable. Curzon is a different story. Lovely silvered black, but a bit on the bitchy side. He has become the biggest sweety-pie in the world since he got neutered, but he misses his brother (Tobin). Tobin was one of a kind, and when we lost him to cancer, it was a very unhappy day.

Remus: From Keisha and Nelson's second litter. Quiet and unassuming.

Tristania, Gypsy: Tristania and Gypsy are full sisters - from Nelson and Keisha's second litter (hence also sisters to Romulus and Remus). Gypsy is very quiet, and very sweet. Tristania has lots of energy, and is a bit flighty, but I only kept her on account of guilt (I had an accident where I dropped her cage onto the floor one night, mouse and bedding flew everywhere. She was okay - I scooped her up straight away. She was a bit frightened though, so I kept her as a sign of good faith), and also because when she was a bub (her eyes just opened), she would curl up and go to sleep in my hand while her brothers and sisters ran all over me like nut-bars.

Heris, Arafel, Subatoi: Full siblings - from Moet and Nelson's second litter. When they were young, they were all black-eyed whites. But since I knew they would change colour, I kept them to see just what colour they would change. Heris and Arafel have gone a lovely creamy-beige colour, and Suba turned into a (badly marked) snow tiger. I kept Suba because he's really pretty, and the other two because they are unsual. It's the homozygous c^e gene at work, and I think it's because they are a chocolate sable of some sort, extremely diluted. I could be wrong. I plan to test-mate them to find out exactly what they are.

Lafayette: Full sibling of Heris, Arafel and Subatoi. He's my best pet - and the only reason I kept him was because he is so sweet. I call him meer-mouse sometimes, because he sits up on his hind legs when I'm fussing around near him until I take him out. I actually saw him walk about 6 steps on his hind legs to get to me one day. Amazing (and quite hilarious) to watch. Had him desexed - so he will hopefully have a full, long life, and be sweet as anything. He's been remarked upon as being 'cute as a button'.

Tarma II: Silverblade and Ikal's daughter. I could only keep one from this litter, and since they are all equally sweet, I simply kept the best silver. She's a lovely girl, and I have big plans for her.

Lukara: Very sweet girl, lovely colour - some kind of c^e beige (again). Her mother was chameleonic (in that she changed colour with every molt during the course of her life). Her dad is a very pale cream bicolour (apparently - although I can't really see it).

Lambert, Magellan [dec'd]: Two lovely boys who live with Suba & Co. No problems. Magellan is Paragon and Tadrith's kid, and I think Magellan might be from Tadrith and Orian - but I'm not sure, he might be Paragon's kid too. I only decided to keep him at the last minute, and all the boys from those two litters has been put together at that stage to go to the pet shop. I think I was careful to make sure he was Orian's, but 100% certain?? No.

Kira: Full sister to either Magellan or Lambert (same problem as with Lambert - both litters were together when I pulled her out). Think she is Orian's though, because I distinctly remember Orian having at least one LH fawn girl. Namesake of my special LH sable I lost in the heatwave. She's a special girl, and extraordinarily beautiful. I've always loved pink-eyed fawns, though. Unfortunately she is a longhair, so can't go in the fawn class (for she'd win!), and since she's a crappy longhair, she wouldn't do well in that class. I would have entered her in the pigment class, but you need at lest two mice to make up a pigment class, and no one else had entered one, so she missed out.

Ragamuffin: Coming back to our fold in November, 2000. The sweetest, lovliest and one of the prettiest boys I have ever seen. He's had his share of health problems, and is not breedable. But that's okay - we love him anyway.

Ferrous: Named as such because she used to be gold. She has darkened a bit and is now quite obviously fawn. Side by side with Paragon, and it is almost impossible to tell them apart. A very sweet girl, though. She misses her sister Amburlin quite a bit.

Raifi, Norvo, Phillippe (Mick) [dec'd], Martino (Marty), Elvenpath (Elfy): The boys from Torias/Orian breeding. Such pretty boys all deserved to be kept. Raifi and Norvo are the most personable of the lot, and were given their names to keep the 'Dax' theme going in Emony's line (their father is Torias, uncles Tobin and Curzon, grandmother Emony) - any DS9 fans will know what that means. Phillippe was nick-named Mickey - not for the obvious reasons - but because that was what he threw when I put him in boy general population (ie. he threw a mickey and ran around attacking everyone). The larger, older, senior mice soon sorted him out and he gets along fine in there now. Marty and Elfy are recluse animals, but come over to say hello regularly. They are the kind of animals who can take or leave human companship, but are still happy to be played with. In addition, Elfy is the IMAGE of his late uncle Tobin, which makes me very happy.

Ezri, Concordia (Cordy) [dec'd], Diligent, Forbes (Rosi): The girls from the abovementioned litter. Ezri was named for the Dax line as well, in addition to the fact that I needed a very girly-girl name for such a girly-girl mouse, and 'Ezri' seemed appropriate. She is a sweety though, and such a kick-ass sable that its a damn shame she is not a good longhair! What a waste. We love her anyway. :-) Cordy is the troublemaker, the one always up your sleeve. She is a very pretty little tiger and looks more like her dad than any of the others. Her personality though is very like her mother, and she is doubly special. Diligent and Rosi come to say hello when they feel like it, but can usually be found racing away on the wheel.